In the past our founding fathers fought,

A war which at last our independence brought.

To us they introduced a friend who was strange,

A friend they said had come to help us change.

His name they told us was Democracy,

And soon we lost him because of hypocrisy.

While he was with us, we enjoyed his stay,

But the greedy amongst us, sent him away.

For many years we looked for him,

But still our hopes, all seemed so dim.

“Where art thou, o dear democracy?”

This was the question we asked in unity.

       Our fathers they cried out

Our mothers too, they looked about,

We the children wondered round,

To see if we could find him around.

The search went on… “come back and stay,

Please, o dear democracy come back today.

Bring back to us hope again,

O help us please our aims to gain.

For if we do not see thee soon,

We fear our future will see doom”.

       After years of great search, behold the day

It came… ‘Twas the twenty ninth, the month of may,

When at last our friend  he did return.

1999, the year of joy… our luck began to turn.

All creatures of our land began to dance,

Even the flowers blossomed for a glance.

Democracy has come, the government of the people,

The government for the people,

The government by the people has come to stay.

And never again shall it go away.

Long live our democracy!

Long live Nigeria, our great country!


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